Android / Ios Design

Integration of B2C Product on the Job Boards

Project Description:

In order to archive Good&Co integration with the job boards, it was necessary to create ways to allow users to modify personal details, add work history and professional skills.

Company Resume

Team Leader:Ben Mathews
Company: Good&Co

Good&Co is a startup based in San Francisco, who owns the largest psychometric database. They are a self-discovery engine based on science from both Myer-Briggs, Big-Five personality tests that assess the user's strengths and traits within a professional workplace. .

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B2C Product Design

Edit Profile V2

Adding work history to the user profile

What we have and what we want on the new flow

Add Job title and current position (We weren't allowing to edit or add more than one)
Actions: Add, Edit and Delete. We wanted to show: Position, Company, and star - end date, Localization (new).
We were looking alow the user to show as many work histories as he wants.

Final UI for Android & Ios

New work history

Add work history

Edit work history

Delete work history


Allow users to add their Skills to their personal profile, requesting a minimum amount of 5 skills to allow them to save it.

Edit profile information